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1100 Meridian Rd. NE • Calgary, Alberta • T2A 2N9


    Jaguar Calgary is going to be shuttling around some VIPS this weekend as part of the Masquerade Party - Proudly Raising Awareness and Supporting Pulmonary Hypertension (PHA), Calgary Health Trust & Leukemia/Lymphoma (LLS).Wear your favorite masquerade costume, or give a donation for a mask at the ... Read More

  • In Memory of Des Houston 08/23/2013

    We wanted to take a few moments to honor one of the finest men we’ve ever known. Des Houston, member of the automotive community for 45 years, and with Jaguar for more than 30, has passed away. Known for an easy smile and a heartfelt laugh, everyone was always better for being around him. He will be greatly missed by all that knew him ... Read More

  • Local Calgary FType Review 08/08/2013

    Gregory Berdette is a local Automotive Enthusiast with a penchant for great videos and informative reviews. He's created a fantastic 15 minute review, which almost feels more like a documentary. It is worth settling down, getting a snack, and watching the whole thing. He does a great job describing the new F-type and bringing the ... Read More